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Put your drinks in the air! This fragrance combination smells like you are sipping champagne and eating hand pick fruits medleys which will surly make you Smile.

Note Profile: Citrus.

Top: Citrus. Lemongrass. Lemon. 

 All natural wax and cotton wick, phthalate free,  Eco-Friendly, clean burning and long lasting. Hand pour in small batches using the premium fragrance.   

Burn Time hours: 60. 80.120. 

Size: 9 oz. (1wick) 11 oz. (2 wick) 18 oz.(3 wick)

Candle Care Tips 

  1. Burn candle long enough that the wax melts on outside edges of the jar, on each burn to allow a full pool. This will allow the candle to burn even and prevent tunneling.
  2. Burn approximately 3-4 hours 11 oz. or larger candles and burn 2 hours for 9 oz. or less candles.
  3. Always trim wick to approximately 1/4 inch after each burn.
  4. Quit the use of the candle when the wax remining is 1/4 inch.
  5. Candles are very hot while lit, never handle a lit candle, they can cause server burns. Allow the candle to cool before moving it, be careful not to spill hot wax.
  6. Absolutely never leave a burning candle unattended or near little children and pets.